On this weeks podcast I  cover what it looks like for me to take my architecture business online. Currently with the crisis that is spreading across the world I have had to make some changes to the way that I run my business. There were many projects that have had to be put on hold.

What this has allowed me to do though is prioritize the projects that I have and complete the steps that are able to be completed virtually. This will in the long run, same time on those projects when I move forward.

Currently I am using more online tools with my clients. One of the tools that I am using to conduct meetings with my clients is Zoom. I have found that using online tools has allowed me to be more interactive with my clients. I can share my screen with my clients during these calls so that they can see my CAD program. During these calls we can manipulate the views and make real time changes to their design. These real time changes allow the client to see them immediately while the change is still fresh on their mind.

Having this online workflow has allowed me to take steps out of the  process. While this was something that I thought about for some time, it wasn’t until recently that I implemented this process.

While there are still some things that keep me bottle necked at this time, I make sure that I stay on top of the market so that when I am able to move forward I am ready.

Please know this doesn’t last forever. We will survive and we will recover from this. It will be a different world that we are faced with, but we can move forward.

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Episode 17

Client Questions:

If you have questions about a specific project or anything in general, you can find me at Mike@mIchaelSmithArchitect.com

More on the San Luis Obispo County ADU Ordinance

Today we also discuss where the building departments for San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas are with their permits. Please check out the podcast for more info in your area.


Looking Ahead

In the next episode, I will have special guest Kim Walsh Phillips. We will be discussing marketing and social marketing strategies to help move your business forward! Until then, thanks for your curiosity, your interest and your time.


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