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I am a licensed, experienced architect who is committed to delivering an extraordinary experience. Whether I’m working on residential architecture projects or commercial ones, my clients trust me to provide an architectural design they want to live or work in — an architectural vision that is a reflection of their life and their lifestyle.

Building or remodeling a home can be a delightful, creative experience. It can also be a nightmare. Choosing the right design professional and understanding the process — from the first sketch to entry into your finished home — can make the difference. Some residential architects have a strong design process, with little room for client interaction. Others, like me, encourage a collaborative effort with their clients. I will use all the experience I have gained over the last 30 years to design a home that fits not only your needs but your passion for life.

As a collaborative architect in San Luis Obispo, I am committed to making sure that the whole experience — not just your work with me, but the whole experience – is something you will enjoy. Will there be challenges along the way? Yes. But together we will anticipate most and overcome all of them. Once you discover how we can make this process pleasant and enriching every step of the way, you will know the possibility of creating a home that is a joy to live in and a process that is genuinely satisfying.

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If you want to be prepared for a complicated and expensive process, I wrote a best-selling book for you. In “How to Avoid Home Remodeling Hell,” I share the information you need to know: what the costs may be, what the architect and contractor will do, how they interact, what questions you should ask before you hire your architect or your contractor, how you find the best match and more. Read my eBook on Amazon today!


Mike’s experience, love for what he does, and exceptional professionalism leave his clients completely satisfied and often impressed with their final results.

As a graduate of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and a Licensed Architect for over 30 years, Mike has worked with hundreds of clients, providing architectural designs for residential projects. Everything from patio covers, residential remodels, to custom homes, Mike has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills that serve his clients with cost and time-saving strategies delivering a final product that will meet their vision.

Professional Design with a Creative Edge